May 15, 2019

To whom it may concern:

Northlake Montessori has been the best decision and investment my husband and I have made for our son’s development and future. He attended just one year (Kindergarten) and in hindsight we should have enrolled him sooner. Not only has he learned at an accelerated rate academically, but he has gained values and insight that have nurtured kindness, compassion, responsibility and patience. Our son has expressive language delay and struggles with social/emotional regulation. Almost instantly we saw a marked improvement in his communication abilities. This was in part made possible because of the dedication of Ms. Rhonda and Mr. Geoff along with other staff at Northlake Montessori.

Sincerely, Mary M.

Mary M

In the turbulent wake of last week’s unimaginable tragedy, I have spent a good deal of time trying to gather my thoughts through an unfamiliar mix of both horror and hopefulness. Those thoughts turned inevitably, to my own son and his experience in this world, and especially his amazing experience with all of you at Northlake Montessori. It seems sad that sometimes takes the worst of things to remind us how precious every moment is

I take the greatest comfort in knowing that our Owen is able to spend part of his days with a group of teachers, caregivers and administrators that are the most talented, loving, respectful, capable, strong, unique, dedicated, and hardworking that we know. His time with you all has been, and im sure will continue to be, genuinely incredible. What you do for him and his classmates everyday is a gift. We say thank you, but we can never thank you deeply enough for the love you all give so freely to our son and to all his friends and classmates. This is true of every single one of you, and we have seen how you all pull together to make sure every day goes well for every person, again and again.

As we continue forward, I know the children and families of Newtown CT will be in our hearts and and minds, and I will take solace in that. I also know that for now, we have been fourtunate enough to find our way to your school, and count ourselves blessed and lucky to be part of such a wonderful community as you all have created.

Thank you everyone.

GW Rodgers


To our friends at Northlake Montessori

We want to thank you for taking such good care of our daughter over the past 5 months. Each time we pick her up, we find her happy and content. She gets so excited in the morning when we walk through the door.

As we came to realize quickly that it was much more difficult for us to adjust to starting our daughter in preschool then it was for our daughter. We appreciate your cooperation, kindness and patience with us those first few weeks. You should all be commended for the heart you put into your job everyday !! You are helping raise these children while their parents are away, and not just anybody can do that


Jason & Charis


Dear Northlake Montessori Staff

Thank you all so much for making our daughters preschool experiance a happy one. She has truly excelled in many areas, and expecially socially. We are very pleased with everything this school has offered. We will recommend you to anyone we meet looking for excellent service in child care. We are sad to say goodbye, but happy with the growth our child has gained in these early years of her development.

Jeanette and Todd


Dear Everyone

Thank you cannot begin to describe how grateful I feel to each and everyone here at Northlake Montessori who has touched Henry’s life. Each day I am so proud of the person henry is growing up to be and so much of what he has learned is directly from all of you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that for the past 5 1/2 years, I have been able to drop Henry off each morning and know wholeheartedly that he would be cared for and loved completely. You have taught him, loved him and guided him. I will forever be thankful for the way in which his life started and continued here within these walls, filled with love and direction.

We will miss all of you and think of you often. I know that the education Henry has received here will forever benefit him going forward. Whenever I have been given a compliment about his manners, behavior, intelligence, and ability to love and share himself…. I feel proud and I think of everything he has been given by you. Henry has grown to be the child that he is because he has been shown unconditional love and guidance. Not a day will go by where I will not know that is in large part due to everything he has received from you. I have not raised this child alone. It does take a village, and I am happy and grateful to have been able to share his life with you. We all know he has a wonderful and sucessful life ahead of him, please know each day that we will be thinking of you and thankful for the work you did each day making sure he was loved, cherished as an individual and given the confidence to be who he is meant to be.

Thank you for loving him. Thank you for teaching him. Thank you for helping me raise an amazing child. Thank you for teaching me and helping to guide me through the tough phases. Thank you for always being there with open arms. I appreciate and love each of you for all you have done.

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