Waddler Rooms



Your child has grown right before your eyes and it all happened so fast! They have begun to stand, walk, experience new emotions and feelings and understand routines!

Welcome to Waddlers!  The age group in this classroom is typically 12-18 months.  This age group takes experienced caregivers who understand this transition from baby to toddler.  The teachers in this classroom take great pride in creating a loving and fun learning environment full of new things to do and explore!

What should you expect while your child is in the Waddler Room?

In the Waddler Room, your child’s day will be full of new experiences!  We encourage the children to further develop their self help skills and assist them with expressing their feelings and emotions in a group setting. We begin to introduce short circle times filled with songs and stories. Your child will participate in arts and crafts, music, sensory, bilingual language and science/Nature activities. Outside play is offered in the morning and afternoon.  Meal times are a little different now too, no more high chairs!  Meals are offered sitting family style at the table. Teachers sit with the children and encourage them to use their dishes and utensils correctly.  Even at this very young age we are beginning to teach and encourage self determination and independence. 

We now welcome you into the Wonderful World of Waddlers and are very excited to learn more about everyone! Please contact us at (425) 368-2444 if you have any questions.

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