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We offer a full day program for children aged 18-30 months. This classroom environment is designed to meet the social, physical, emotional, and psychological needs of each child, while promoting grace and courtesy through the care and respect of themselves, others, and the environment. This environment was created for your child to have the freedom to explore, move, make choices, and be successful.

Introducing basic Montessori work and values at this age gives children the experience needed for a smooth transition into our preschool and prekindergarten programs. Social and emotional development is encouraged  by  teachers modeling and guiding them through their interactions with the environment and their peers. At this age it is so important to learn good problem-solving skills. Teachers promote talking through their issues and asking for help when needed.  This creates a good foundation for years to come.

Expand Your Toddler’s Horizon

Language skills are gained though circle time, songs, games, story boards, puzzles, and family style meal time. Through language, toddlers learn how to communicate and problem-solve with one another, as well as express their feelings. The Sensorial Area heightens your child’s awareness of details related to color, shapes, sounds, and sizes. This area is based on the five senses as children explore different sounds, textures, smells, taste, and visual cues.

Practical Life provides items that teach the fundamentals of real life, every day activities. These hands-on exercises include learning how to grasp, pinch, scoop, and pour, which helps develop fine motor muscles applied later in writing. Practical Life also supports independence as your child gains skills such as dressing themselves, cleaning up after themselves, and choosing materials on their own.

The Math Area is used to introduce your child to number recognition, one-on-one correspondence, and simple counting (1-5, 1-10, or higher, when appropriate). Toddlers are curious about everything and need to touch and manipulate objects in order to learn. In the toddler math area, simple concepts of numbers are introduced through songs, counting games, and manipulative materials.

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