Pre-K Programs

Our four Pre-Kindergarten Montessori classrooms are individual and unique in teaching styles and learning environments.

At Northlake Montessori our Pre-Kindergarten Program is adapted to the unique learning abilities of the young child. Rich and orderly environments, multi-age classrooms, and freedom to follow one’s interests allow the child to develop fundamental skills that prepare him for life.  We encourage all families to be part of your child’s learning experience.

We have four Pre-Kindergarten Montessori classrooms, each offering their own unique teaching style and environment.  All our classrooms are designed with the child in mind and use materials that promote learning, independence, creativity and success.  We offer four main components in our curriculum; language, math, practical life and sensorial while also offering enrichment activities such as science, S.T.E.M, culture, art, music and movement.  Our program supports development in cognitive, social, emotional, language, fine motor and gross motor skills.

We utilize materials that encourage hands-on discovery, foster academics, emotional self-esteem, independence and critical thinking skills.  As children progress in age and skill they are able to give lessons to younger children which equates to an immeasurable academic and social self-confidence.

 “Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”
—Maria Montessori

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