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At our Bothell Montessori School, classrooms are viewed as something more than just a room where your child spends their days. We see them as an opportunity to build an environment that fully supports and enables your child to grow into the best version of themselves. Whether they are barely walking or entering preschool, we believe these are important developmental years that should be taken advantage of. 


Our infant classrooms are set up to be warm, homelike, infant-only environments. We provide your infant with a safe learning environment that enables them to explore and learn at their own, individual pace.


In the Waddler Room, we encourage the children to further develop their fine motor skills, as well as help them with the new feelings and emotions they begin to experience.


This classroom environment is designed to meet the social, physical, emotional, and psychological needs of each child, while promoting grace and courtesy through the care and respect of themselves, others, and the environment. 


Our preschool program serves as a bridge for your child—helping them take the step from toddler to our Pre-K programs. In their classroom, they can be provided with Montessori material and can start being introduced to many practical life skills.


These classrooms are designed to nurture a child’s learning, promote independence, creativeness and academic achievement. The major areas of curriculum are language, math, practical life and sensorial.


Our Kindergarten program is a fun well rounded program that harvests all the planting and intellectual learning that has gone on from the preceding years in pre-k and preschool. The children’s curriculum will have a vast array of reading and writing and math.

High Quality Education with a Stimulating Environment

 In each classroom, your child can be challenged to develop important critical thinking and social skills. We allow them to be hands on and take an interest in their surroundings. Most importantly, they are encouraged to develop a love of learning. Classes are structured around their age group so the lessons are fundamental to their stage of life. Montessori material is provided and in the kindergarten program, your child can also receive traditional learning so they experience a smoother transition into their next school.

To provide your child with a comprehensive education, we encourage communication between you and the teachers. Schedule an in-person visit to our school so you can see your child’s potential classrooms and teachers. For additional information on our classrooms, contact us at 425-368-2444 today!


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