August Events

Aug 1st- Group B to St Edwards Park

Aug 4th - Group A Lynnwood Pool

Aug 5th - Pre K 4 Remlinger Farm

Aug 5th - Wads- PK Bounce House Here

Aug 6th- SA group A&B Log Boom Park

Aug 7th - PreK 2 Spray Park

Aug 8th - SA Group B Lynnwood Pool

Aug 11th - SA Group A Jetty Island

Aug 12th - Prek 3 Woodinville Indoor Soccer Center

Aug 13th - SA Group A&B Wallace Falls Hike

Aug 14th - Pre-K 1 Tug Boat Story Time

Aug 15th - SA Group B Jetty Island

Aug 18th - SA Group A Dennys Pet World and Park

Aug 19th- Prek 4 Willis Tucker Park

Aug 21st- Prek 2 Woodland Park Zoo

Aug 22nd- SA Group B Dennys Pet World and Park

Aug 22nd- Everyone - Fun Times Ice Cream

Aug 25th - SA Group A Reptile Zoo

Aug 26th- Prek 3 Willis Tucker Park

Aug 27th - SA Group B Reptile Zoo

Aug 28th - Prek 1 Fire Station

Aug 29th - SA Group A&B Legion Park

Aug 29th - Everyone Cowboy Buck & Elizabeth

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