Infant Rooms

We can care for your infant!

Our infant classrooms are set up to be warm, homelike, infant-only environments. We provide your infant with a safe learning environment that enables them to explore and learn at their own, individual pace. Caregivers for this age group have been chosen based on their experience, education, and ability to nurture and love babies.

We work closely with you to ensure your infant has a unique and diverse experience tailored to their own schedule. Caregivers plan a curriculum that is focused on each infant’s developmental stage. In addition, your infant can experience story time, music, basic sign language, and sensory activities.

We contract with a Public Health Nurse, who comes in every month and spends time in each infant classroom to observe and monitor each infant’s progress. She gives us the most up-to-date health information from Public Health and ensures our classrooms meet safety and health regulations. She is always available to staff and parents for questions and concerns.

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